Innovations in eco-friendly toners

By Greg Griffith, Senior Product Manager Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa

The world is at a critical juncture where environmental concerns and sustainable practices are at the forefront of global consciousness. Businesses across sectors are increasingly recognising the importance of striking a balance between profitability and environmental responsibility. Amid this backdrop, the print industry, traditionally associated with significant resource consumption, has made remarkable strides towards sustainability with an evolution that can inspire and guide sustainability efforts in diverse sectors.

One of the most noteworthy advancements is the transition from petroleum-based toners to eco-friendly plant-based toners. These toners, derived from renewable sources such as soy, corn, and algae, have proven to be game-changers as they offer several advantages, including reduced toxicity, biodegradability, and a substantially lower environmental impact.

Spearheading the adoption of eco-friendly toners, Kyocera not only emphasises the use of sustainable materials in its toner formulations but also prioritises the reduction of environmental impact during the printing process. As part of their sustainability efforts, Kyocera's toners fuse at a temperature 30°C cooler than conventional toners, significantly conserving energy.

This transition to eco-friendly toners underscores the print industry's commitment to green practices. By reducing harmful emissions and promoting biodegradability, these toners are an essential component in the  journey towards sustainability.

The shift towards eco-friendly toners is more than a mere adaptation; it is a transformation that carries valuable lessons for other sectors. As businesses grapple with the imperative to protect the planet while maintaining economic viability, the print industry's experience becomes a valuable source of encouragement. The emphasis on energy efficiency, durability, and recyclability in the production of eco-friendly toners can serve as a blueprint for sustainability efforts in various fields.

This transformation goes hand in hand with the principles of a circular economy, an approach that the print industry aims towards. By collaborating within the supply chain, businesses can ensure a holistic approach to sustainability, spanning from product design to end-of-life considerations. This approach results in local job growth and the expansion of small and medium-sized businesses, fostering a more environmentally responsible and economically robust future.

The market potential for green products continues to expand, offering not only environmental protection and resilience but also innovation and improved health. The eco-conscious path is not merely an option, it is a commitment to building a future where profit and planet coexist harmoniously.

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