Investing in Junior Miners | Why Should You?

As a boutique mining, environmental, and construction law firm we have no right to be on a serious investor’s platform, or do we?

We do!

Investors should be really excited about the Critical Raw Minerals (CRMs) and (Scarce Raw Minerals) SRMs space, particularly for junior miners. The current shifting global geopolitical sands like the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the frosting of the United States and European Union’s relationship with China has not only created an unprecedented demand for Africa’s CRMs and SRMs; but also created a new “scramble” for mineral-rich Africa as both the global West and the global East seek to cement trade and diplomatic ties with the various African states (including South Africa).

Junior Miners are pivotal to the CRM industry, serving as catalysts for exploration, innovation, and diversification in the industry. Their agility and risk-taking nature contribute to the discovery of new mineral deposits and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, fostering a more efficient and resilient supply chain. Additionally, their presence introduces healthy competition, encouraging industry wide improvements and sustainable practices.

We can help pair investors with junior mining operations that are ready for investment.

Our expectation is that international governments and private entities will start to heavily invest in mining projects and the transport and logistics infrastructure systems that will make mining possible in Africa. A current example being the Lobito Corridor project.

NSDV assists clients with various specialised services across the entire mining value chain where you might be thinking about investing. From obtaining and maintaining prospecting and mining rights (including the environmental application processes), ESG compliance, advising on all regulatory and compliance related requirements for mining, processing and exporting minerals, M&A and other commercial transactions related to mining, drafting and negotiating construction and other applicable contracts, dispute resolution in adjudications, arbitrations and High Court proceedings.

Any good law firm can do the above. So why should you talk to us?

NSDV is more than just a firm of legal advisors. We specialise in advising on and implementing certain practical aspects of mining, assisted further by the experience of our in-house Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) and Energy specialist, we have well-rounded insights into the operations of mining companies.

Our ‘People over Paper’ philosophy fosters strong relationships with regulators, unions, and other stakeholders who assist us in ensuring that we help our clients to practically navigate legal processes and comprehend the South African mining landscape. By nurturing our relationships with these stakeholders, we can facilitate seamless and efficient operational activities and transactions for our clients.

We’re less combative – more collaborative – and this means investors are navigating their investments with more clarity and lower legal fees. Yes, we save you money by our vested interest in quickly concluding a transaction, rather than relying on just the legalities which draw out a process and ultimately cost investors more.

More legal-ease, less fees.

From pit to port, we assist producers and intermediaries to be compliant with operational and environmental obligations imposed by the prevailing regulatory standards and procedures, ensuring that parties in the procurement value chain adhere to global sourcing, ESG, and human rights requirements – elements investors are looking at when capitalising their money.

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